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On this day... 
Wed, 06.Nov.29 0017
Happy birthday, wnight, where ever you may be.

Also happy birthday brightbeak-hubby. =)
Wed, 06.Nov.29 1501 (UTC)
Is today your birthday, Den?
Wed, 06.Nov.29 1506 (UTC)
That's a distinct possibility. In fact, I do seem to recall something to that effect... =)
Wed, 06.Nov.29 1640 (UTC)
I *thought* so!! please rush over to my journal for some cake I left for you :)
Thu, 06.Nov.30 1403 (UTC)
And a very lovely cake it was indeed. =)
Thu, 06.Nov.30 0534 (UTC)
Welcome to middle age!
Thu, 06.Nov.30 1402 (UTC)
Nothing like a root canal and a tooth extraction to REALLY make you feel it. =)
Wed, 06.Nov.29 1832 (UTC) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
You are 35... mid 30's... outside the male 18-34 demographic. Guess it's all downhill from here :)

...and doctors say you should start prostate exams by age 35... turn your head and cough.
Thu, 06.Nov.30 1401 (UTC) - Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I should have had a prostate exam instead of the facial reconstruction.
Thu, 06.Nov.30 0011 (UTC)
happy happy happy.
Thu, 06.Nov.30 1359 (UTC)
=) Thankies
Thu, 07.Sep.20 0721 (UTC)
Poor abandoned LJ. *hugs it*
Thu, 07.Sep.20 1033 (UTC)
It thanks you for the hugs, but protests that it is not abandoned, just friends-only
Thu, 07.Sep.20 1513 (UTC)
Ahh! Well, then, nevermind. ;)
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