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Sinister Minister
the left hand of dorkness
Mon, 06.Jan.30 2200
To those I just dropped off my friends list, it is because I feel no contact anymore. Like an outsider looking in, and I don't want to do that to you, so I shall stop.
Tue, 06.Jan.31 0752 (UTC)
Phew! Okay, I'm still there. Just kidding! Feel free to drop me any time, you don't need to give reasons :)
Fri, 06.Feb.03 0434 (UTC)
heh. I'm still here :)
Fri, 06.Feb.03 0435 (UTC) - oops
wrong user pic. Definitely time to get some sleep. I *meant* to use this one
Tue, 06.Feb.07 0219 (UTC)
Still on there good :)

I never post, but like to check up on ya.
Fri, 06.Mar.10 0607 (UTC)
Hi. We don't know each other. I think. I just found you while I was putting off studying for a math test and wandering around ljmovies. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my old LJ name was i_worship_feste. =)
I'll let you get on with your life now.
Fri, 06.Mar.10 0720 (UTC)
Oddly enough, I do have a religion called Festeism. I am the pope of that religion though, not a god (to my knowledge). But worshippers sounds like a good idea. I should look into that.

My ex-girlfriend just auditioned for the part of Feste, too. Earlier this very night.
Fri, 06.Mar.10 0724 (UTC)
Whoa. Bizarrrrrrrrrrre!
Wed, 06.Mar.15 0751 (UTC)
Thank you feste the power of the crotch loves you
Mon, 06.Jun.05 1513 (UTC) - off-topic
... but thank you for your donation! Good to know you're still reading the LJDQ but we miss your answers! They were good!
Mon, 06.Jun.05 1526 (UTC) - Re: off-topic
Of course, LJDQ is the funniest community in the LJUniverse! I have gotten halfway through answering the previous two quizzes and then ran out of oomph. I shall try again tomorrow.

As to the donation, I would that it could be more. You are running (and swimming and biking) for a cause that is very important to me. I salute you! *salutes*
Thu, 06.Jun.15 1941 (UTC)
hey, I saw you on Dan's friends list, is it cool if I add you to mine?
Fri, 06.Jun.16 0251 (UTC)
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