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Sinister Minister
the left hand of dorkness
Wed, 06.Oct.25 1024
Happy birthday, Paul Chapman, where ever you may be!
Thu, 06.Oct.26 2214 (UTC)
DAMN... his birthday WAS yesterday.. DOH

And congrats on discovering grocery stores... just to let you know the healthy stuff is usually on the outer rim... middle isles have all the dangerous stuff :)
Fri, 06.Oct.27 0713 (UTC)
Firstly, I call shennanigans... Outer rim is where I get the hotdogs. I also got Cheez Whiz on the back wall, in with the real cheese. =)

Secondly, there are no isles unless the place if flooded. Aisles, sir, it has in plenty. =)
Fri, 06.Oct.27 1516 (UTC)
fackoff... its the internets, spelling doesnt matter... or abbreviations... or apostrophies... or annoyingly long sentences that go nowhere... or full frontal nudity... or the 72 Bruins... or endless use of ...'s ...

... and what is wrong with hotdogs? It was meat once. And most cheese (that I can afford) has trans fats... not to mention most food poisoning latley has been caused by ORGANIC veggies.

Fack it.. eat whatever you want... just stay away from the 7-11 sushi.
Tue, 06.Oct.31 0103 (UTC) - Cheez Whiz
I once heard that Cheez Whiz is made of 65% cheese. I think the "and 35% Whiz" is supposed to go unsaid....
Tue, 06.Oct.31 0712 (UTC) - Re: Cheez Whiz
No wonder it is so salty...
(Deleted comment)
Mon, 06.Oct.30 1208 (UTC)
Darph Bobo is awesome, but I don't think I qualify as cool =)
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