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Sinister Minister
the left hand of dorkness
Boycott the boycott 
Fri, 08.Mar.21 0245
So, today a lot of people are protesting LJ getting rid of the free account by not posting anything today. I say screw that, and am protesting the protest by posting for the first time in ages. Ha! TAKE THAT!

Not that I have anything to say, mind you.

Well, just this:

I like LJ.

And pie.

That is all.
Fri, 08.Mar.21 1046 (UTC)
Oh, that's a bit sad. Are they really getting rid of the free accounts? That will mean the end of my time on here.
Fri, 08.Mar.21 1100 (UTC)
I think there will still be a free account, but it is the one with ads on it. So you can still have a free account, just not the limited account with no ads. I didn't really pay attention, because I pay for my so I can have more userpics. =)
Fri, 08.Mar.21 1105 (UTC)
Oh, that's okay then! I don't see the ads anyway, I filter that rubbish.
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