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Sinister Minister
the left hand of dorkness
Boycott the boycott 
Fri, 08.Mar.21 0245
So, today a lot of people are protesting LJ getting rid of the free account by not posting anything today. I say screw that, and am protesting the protest by posting for the first time in ages. Ha! TAKE THAT!

Not that I have anything to say, mind you.

Well, just this:

I like LJ.

And pie.

That is all.
Fri, 08.Mar.21 1558 (UTC)
do you support killing the free accounts, or do you think the boycott itself is foolish?
Fri, 08.Mar.21 1704 (UTC)
I support LJ's right to adopt whatever business model they feel will generate profits for them without sacrificing their customer base. I think most boycotts are foolish to one degree or another, but I support people's need to make a statement. That their statement is "I am not making a statement today!" seems particularly silly. It's not voting with their feet, it's not something that will materially affect SUP in any way, and it isn't even making a statement... That came before, in saying they would say nothing. The image that comes to mind is a toddler saying he will hold his breath until he gets his way. But the protesters have even less chance of getting what they want.
Sun, 08.Mar.30 2304 (UTC)
sacrificing their customer base is precisely the issue. i don't think anyone is questioning lj's right to adopt the business model of their choice, but people also have the right to gripe in any way they see fit if they disagree with that choice.
the statement isn't "i am not making a statement", it's "this is what lj will look like with no free users". (they're not threatening to hold their breath, in other words; they're threatening to go breath somewhere else where the air is still free). most of the content that paying users are here to communally interact with is created by free users. if they are sufficiently alienated as to leave, there go most of the pay accounts too.
as i understand it (which isn't much since i didn't pay much attention to this), currect free accounts are being left alone; it's only the new accounts that must be either paid or ad-supported. this was a threat that if that is changed, currect free users will just up and leave, and lj will become a wasteland. i doubt that will actually happen, but who knows. popular sites have died before for less reason.
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